HOBBS: I don’t have any physical evidence

SHARON: That’s not strictly true, she had her husband’s cell phone in her purse.

HOBBS: Prepare the lethal injection now? Did it have a picture of beating her husband’s brains in? Because otherwise…

SHARON: The print report from the gym shows what I thought it would.

HOBBS: There’s nothing on the handle of the murder weapon.

SHARON: But I think the prints that we did find could still help us make the deal.

PROVENZA: Deal? What kind of deal? Listen they’re only offering involuntary manslaughter with probation and no time served. Are you actually considering that?

HOBBS: It seems more reasonable than homicide since we have nothing linking Annette Raber to the murder or the planting of the iPad.

PROVENZA: She admitted killing him, we all heard her.